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Satisfied Customers Talk About the Freehand Pro

Since its release in 2014, the galaxG FREEHAND PRO has been helping both professional painters and at-home DIY enthusiasts enjoy a pain-free painting experience. After receiving numerous testimonials from satisfied customers, we wanted to share some of their experiences to help get the word out about our FREEHAND product line. 


"I owe an apology to everyone whose house I painted before using the FREEHAND PRO.  I can paint cleaner lines and faster with the FREEHAND PRO than I can with a brush alone." -Bud Herzberg, Bud's Painting


"After 22 years using the same techniques, the first half hour using the FREEHAND PRO felt different, but I expected that.  After only one hour it began to feel very natural and by the end of the first day, I was hooked and I've never looked back."  -Gary Christian, Gary Christian Painting


"The FREEHAND PRO has made me take even more pride in my brushwork and that is what painting is all about."  -Jeff Carson, JCI Inc.


“I have used your product, FREEHAND PRO for the last week and a half (about 20 hours of painting).  Just an excellent product, I can cut straighter lines faster and because of the angle that you're holding Pro at you have a better view of your work. The best new product I've ever tested. Just bought a second one. Have a great day.”

- Joe Callahan


We also recently heard from Bev, another happy FREEHAND PRO owner. Having suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, painting could quickly become painful after short periods of time. Take a minute to watch a video she recorded about her experience with the FREEHAND PRO:





With such an overwhelmingly positive response to both the galaxG FREEHAND PRO, along with the original FREEHAND DIY, we are once again expanding our signature FREEHAND product line.  This summer we are proud to introduce the FREEHAND TOUCH.


The smaller FREEHAND TOUCH is perfect for more intricate and detailed brushwork projects. With an ultra light weight of only 1.4 oz, the FREEHAND TOUCH offers more control when precision is needed with smaller brushes. Try out the newest member of the FREEHAND series today for only 5.99$.

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FREEHAND PRO and Orbiter II Win More Awards

galaxG tools' FREEHAND (ErgoMaster) PRO and Orbiter II were both honored as "Editor's Pick: 'Best Products of Season 4” for DIY Network's hit show, "I Want That" and we couldn't be more proud. Now it's your turn to find out why. The FREEHAND PRO was also awarded "Most Innovative New Product" out of more than 10,000 products at the National Hardware Show . If you’ve ever suffered from tired hands or aching fingers while painting, then the FREEHAND PRO is the perfect solution. Make painting pain-free and pick up a FREEHAND PRO [and our Paintbrush Counterweights] today.

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