FREEHAND™ (ErgoMaster) Pro

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The galaxG FREEHAND™ (ErgoMaster) Pro literally takes the pain out of painting.  The revolutionary design places the weight on top of the hand, reducing strain and fatigue to the fingers, hand and wrist allowing you to paint in comfort.

 The FREEHAND (ErgoMaster) Pro holds every brand and virtually every size paintbrush.  The brush simply slides in and out, but is held securely.  Interchangeable Brush-Lock™ Cartridges can be quickly changed to accommodate a change in brush sizes.

The ingenious design uses an interior metal alloy rod structure, which can be form fit to the user's hand, making arthritis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel a thing of the past for painters. Professional paint contractors and DIY do-it-yourself weekend warriors will both love the FREEHAND (ErgoMaster) Pro.  For those on a budget, the FREEHAND (DIY) is a fixed hand size handle that works just like the FREEHAND (ErgoMaster) Pro. See our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Take a look at what some of our customers have had to say about the FREEHAND PRO.

  • Reduces Strain and Fatigue
  • Adjustable Grip Fits Any Size Hand
  • Detachable "Brush-Lock Cartridges" Accommodate Brushes from 1" - 3" (25mm - 75mm)
  • For Best Results, Use With "galaxG Paintbrush Counterweights"
  • "galaxG FREEHAND (ErgoMaster) Holster" Included ($3.99 Value)
  • Holster Connects to Multiple galaxG Tool Mounts: Orbiter, Orbiter II and Eclipse
  • Holster Frees Up Your Hands Anywhere

For more information on using the FREEHAND PRO, watch the video below. Or, you can view the user guide here.


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