Paintbrush Counterweights - 24 grams (2" - 3" Brushes)

galaxG tools


The patent pending galaxG Paintbrush Counterweights (Counter-Gravity System) creates a balanced, lighter feeling paint brush greatly reducing stress to the hand and wrist.  The galaxG Counter-Gravity System's rear-weighting also serves to create centrifugal energy, which assists the brush stroke. 

How much is your comfort worth? The galaxG Paintbrush Counterweights are the best investment in your health your will ever make. Get yours today!

    •     Balances Any Brand or Size Brush
    •     Makes Brush Feel Instantly Lighter
    •     Reduces Strain and Fatigue
    •     Increases Brush's Stability
    •     Centrifugal Energy Created Means Easier Brush Strokes
    •     Snap-In Design Attaches in Seconds
    •     Available in Three Weights to Create Five Weight Options
    •     For use with Any Standard Paint Brush or with the galaxG FREEHAND (ErgoMaster)


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