FREEHAND TOUCH- Anti-Fatigue Paint Brush Handle

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The FREEHAND TOUCH is the perfect tool for intricate work and smaller brushes, which have little to hold onto, but holds larger brushes too. See our customer satisfaction guarantee.

So, why use the FREEHAND TOUCH? 

  1. Ultra-Light- Weighs just 1.4 oz (40 grams)
  2. Reduced Fatigue- Your fingers and hand can relax, for greatly reduced fatigue.
  3. More Control - Your fingers can guide rather than grab.
  4. Improved Visibility- The brush is raised to provide better visibility to your work surface.
  5. It Holds You- As you paint, the FREEHAND TOUCH locks tighter on your hand.
  6. Holds Any Brand - 1" - 2-1/2" Brush Size.

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