About Us

"The most complex thing to design is something simple." galaxG tools Founder and President, Greg Freuler

Greg Freuler graduated from Business School at the University of Oregon and spent 15 years in corporate America.  Always a tinkerer and do-it-yourselfer, he came up with a number of product ideas and design innovations, which would eventually change his career path and life forever. 

While remodeling his home, he found the one job he hated was painting.  The 400-year old, so called "modern" paint brush design was simply flawed, making his hand cramp and causing severe pain.  He set out on a mission to make painting truly pain-free.

Two and half years and nearly fifty prototypes later, the galaxG FREEHAND (ErgoMaster) was born.  In 2013, the FREEHAND Pro won "Most Innovative New Product" at the National Hardware Show.  Its patent pending design is revolutionary: placing the weight of the handle and brush on top of the hand rather than in it.  This allows the arm to carry the weight, not the hand and wrist, thus reducing strain and fatigue.

To further counter the forward-weighted design of the paint brush, he created the galaxG Paintbrush Counterweights.  They balance any brush on the market and make the brush feel instantly lighter. 

galaxG tools™ is committed to delivering a full line of tools, which are ergonomic and accessible to everyone.  The beauty of galaxG tools' designs is in their simplicity.  galaxG tools™ designs on the principle of "irreducible complexity," which strips a product to its barest form.

We hope you enjoy our products for years to come.